It is important to service your car regularly (at least once a year).

Servicing isn’t just about changing parts.  Lubricating door hinges and the bonnet catch, checking the cooling system for leaks, making sure your vehicle has the correct anti-freeze strength, cleaning and adjusting brakes, check tyres and pressures (including the spare) – these are all part of the service.

Not servicing your car is a false economy as that small, easily fixed leak can turn into a head gasket failure costing your hundreds of pounds.

See below for a full breakdown of what our services involve.

We offer a full service which includes the below checks from £149+VAT.  Please note we can service vehicles that are still under warranty and also lease vehicles, and all our parts are qualify OE (Original Equipment) parts or equivalent. We also offer a short service suitable for vehicles travelling under 6,000 miles per year from £99+VAT.

Type of Check Short Service Full Service
Frequency 6 months of 6,000 miles 12 months or 12,000 miles
Vehicle Interior
Check operation of interior lights Yes Yes
Check washers and wipers Yes Yes
Check operation of horn Yes Yes
Check seat belts Yes Yes
Check air conditioning Yes Yes
Turn off service light Yes Yes
Check and adjust clutch Yes Yes
Check jack/spare/wheel brace Yes Yes
Check cabin filter Yes Yes
Lubricate door locks and hinges Yes Yes
Vehicle Exterior
Check tyres and tyre pressures Yes Yes
Check exterior lights Yes Yes
Under The Bonnet
Check condition of brake fluid Yes Yes
Check condition of fan belt Yes Yes
Top up under bonnet levels Yes Yes
Check condition of radiator cap Yes Yes
Check and report any oil leaks Yes Yes
Check and report any water leaks Yes Yes
Check anti-freeze content Yes Yes
Check engine and gear box mounts Yes Yes
Under The Vehicle
Check under body for corrosion Yes Yes
Check condition of fuel lines Yes Yes
Check brake pipes Yes Yes
Check fuel tank for leaks Yes Yes
Check inner c/v boots Yes Yes
Check outer c/v boots Yes Yes
Check condition of exhaust Yes Yes
Check condition of shock absorbers Yes Yes
Check condition of road springs Yes Yes
Check condition of front suspension Yes Yes
Check steering components Yes Yes
Check condition of track rod ends Yes Yes
Check condition of ball joints Yes Yes
Check condition of rear suspension Yes Yes
Check front wheel bearings Yes Yes
Check rear wheel bearings Yes Yes
Remove wheels and Check, clean and adjust brakes Visual Check only Yes
Service Item Replacement
Replace spark plugs (for petrol) Yes
Change engine oil Yes Yes
Replace oil filter Yes Yes
Replace fuel filter (for diesel) Yes
Replace air filter Yes
Final Checks
Check timing belt replacement interval Yes Yes
Road test and report faults Yes Yes
Stamp service book Yes Yes