Why not take advantage of our 2 week money back guarantee and let us remap your vehicle for improved performance, drivability and economy?

You can have a go on our performance calculator to see how we can improve your car or van?

Who provides the remapping maps and equipment?

Reeds Garage are proud to be an official Viezu Approved Dealer – who are the only ISO certified tuning provider.  Viezu provide our tuning files; they have developed them using the latest tuning equipment and they adhere to Euro 5 or 6 emissions standards.  Our maps are fully insured.  Also we only use Alientech fully licensed equipment; no mechanical work is required.


What is remapping?

Remapping is the overwriting of the ECU (engine control unit) default settings.  The ECU is the computer which controls your engine, and the default settings are not necessarily optimal for you – because your vehicle manufacturer has to limit them to take into account the varying climates, laws and fuel quality in the countries they supply.

Manufacturers often sell a base model car, a mid-range car and a top of the range sports model – all with similar engines.  They have to tun or map the car accordingly; they could hardly have a base model family car with better performance than their top of the range sports car!

How long will it take?

EOBD tuning usually takes 2 hours.  Bench tune (ECU removed) will be completed within the day.

How much does it cost?

EOBD tuning – non-turbo £199incVAT  -Turbo £249incVAT.   Bench tune (ECU removed) from £349incVAT

Will remapping affect the emissions for the MOT test?

Viezu remaps are tuned within emission limits and will pass the DVSA emissions test.

Will remapping affect my fuel economy? 

Yes usually you will find your car more economical – 15%/20% is achievable.  Viezu have recently tuned 24,000 BT vans – with an estimated fuel saving of £4million pounds!

Will it help me tow my caravan?

Yes the extra torque gained makes towing easier, and more economical!


Here is a picture of an EOBD remap (tuning using the diagnostic port)

Alternatively some vehicles require bench tuning -where the ECU needs to be removed and opened.

Finally, we only use fully licensed equipment with regular updates.