Garage Services

Mechanical repairs carried out to all makes and models.

Auto Electrics

Auto electrical fault finding and repair.  We also help maintain your auto electrics; for example cabin filters are changed on service intervals.  This Vauxhall’s heater wiring overloaded the heater motor because of a blocked cabin filter.


All brake work carried out; brake discs, pads and shoes, wheel cylinders, hand brake cables, ABS, traction control, electronic brake bleeds etc.

Brake Fluid Change

As part of our short and full services, we check the moisture content of your brake fluid.  Brake fluid is a hydroscopic fluid which means that it absorbs water over time, reducing its effectiveness.  It should be changed according to each manufacturers recommendations, normally every 2 years. We offer brake fluid changes from £49 plus VAT.

Care and maintenance

It’s the little things like cleaning under the bonnet after a service.


We supply and fit quality clutches, from Luk, Blue Print and Valio

Engine Repairs


We supply and fit exhausts, as well as catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters.  This is an image of us filling DPF additive which helps keeps the diesel particulate filter clean.

General Electrics

All electrical work carried out, including starter motors, alternators, window regulators, wipes and motor lights.

Oil Filters

Our services include replacing your oil filter.  This oil filter on a Vauxhall Corsa had gone 2 years without being changed.  2 years doesn’t sound like a long time, but the filter sits next to the exhaust manifold and gets hot meaning the paper eliminate can break up and block the oil galleries causing engine failure.


Spark Plugs

Our services include replacing your spark plugs.  In this example the spark plug on the left is missing the electrode, meaning no spark and the vehicle had been running on 3 cylinders.  The missing part was never found; it had obviously passed through the engine but luckily it doesn’t cause any damage on its way!

Steering and Suspension

All steering and suspension work carried out.

Timing Belts

Timing belts should be changed as per manufacturers recommended intervals.  It is often overlooked as it doesn’t show any signs of wear or failing, and is hidden out of sight with engine covers.  Over time, the belt wears and can cause costly engine damage if it fails.


Welding repairs carried out to a high standard.

Tests to identify problems 

This test shows combustion gases leaking into the cooling system; more than likely a failed head gasket. You can see the blue liquid change from blue to green.