Diagnostics and Repairs to all makes and models carried out.

ABS, traction control, engine warning lights, air-bags, power steering, dpf regenerations, catalytic converter diagnosis, cylinder head gasket test.

Cars have come a long way in the last few years, from points and condensers and moving the distributor to set the ignition timing to ECUs (electronic control units) which are fitted to today’s modern vehicles that closely monitor and adjust the smooth running of the engine.

When a fault is detected a fault code is generated and the engine warning light illuminates on the dash, sometimes the car will run at a reduced rate (limp home mode) to protect itself.

Diagnostic equipment is used to interrogate the ECU to fund out what’s wrong.

A lot of faults needs to be investigated using multimeters and oscilloscopes and can be time consuming, although it can also be an obvious fault or as easy as just clearing the fault code.

For £49 inc VAT we offer a fault code read and a brief investigation.

Here is a picture of a recent fault code we investigated and identified as a stretched timing chain.  As you can see it’s not as straight forward as printing out clear instructions i.e. “change timing chain”.  This is where experience comes in; taking the skill, time and good equipment to correctly diagnose faults.

Diagnostics Screen